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Cynthia Patton

My name is Cynthia Patton. I’m a lawyer and a Georgia Supreme Court Registered Neutral (Mediator). I’ve practiced divorce and family law in Georgia for more than 15 years.

We've worked with, listened to, and learned from families just like yours to create Discerning Divorce!

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How much will your divorce cost if you use the traditional litigation process and settle outside of court before a final trial?
Answer % of users chose this answer
$2,000 8.04%
$10,000 4.46%
$20,000 3.57%
$50,000 2.68%
$90,000 1.79%
$150,000 79.46%

The answer

For many of you (70%), the cost to settle will start at $4,000 and go up to $20,000. For the rest, settlement will cost your family $20,000 to $90,000. A few of you won’t settle until you’ve spent more than $300,000. Why does it cost so much to settle? It’s important to remember that most cases are settled WITHIN the adversarial litigation process. That means that the cases BEGIN with litigation and end with settlement. As you can see, any amount of litigation is very costly. Why? One reason is that once you step into the adversarial process, the meter starts running and deadlines are automatically set. The litigation process requires that certain pleadings and documents be prepared and filed within a certain time. But the biggest reason is that things just change when litigation begins. Attitudes get worse and chances of settlement get slimmer. Once litigation begins, things get said that cannot be taken back. Feelings get hurt. Anger, fear and depression develop. The stakes get higher and people just naturally start digging in deep for the long haul. It’s not unusual to find that once the litigation starts, the conflicts between you and your partner will tend to grow, and finding common ground or being willing to compromise will become much more difficult. In other words, a lot of litigation can occur and a lot of costs can run up before settlement happens.