I wanted somebody that I thought represented me for the person I am. Cindy Patton PERFORMS!
Anthony L.
Cynthia is very compassionate. She’s also a fighter and an advocate and she got me a better settlement than I ever hoped for.
Jenny R.
I'm just so grateful to have someone who always was 10 steps ahead of the process. You always let me know what was going on and I always knew what to expect
Meredith D.
Cindy is extremely knowledgeable of family law and frank and thorough with her explanations of potential outcomes. She even has extensive knowledge of how the courts tend to respond to certain situations so that the client can determine how best to proceed.
Cindy kept me prepared and educated about what to expect. Cindy professionally guided me through the entire process with genuine concern and understanding. Probably my ex-spouse gave Cindy the ultimate compliment when he said if you are looking for a good attorney call Kaye's attorney!
Kaye P.
When I recommend Cindy to another person needing legal advice, I tell them that she is fair and not afraid to tell it like it is. Cindy was able to help me reach a fair and respectable settlement. Cindy told me what to expect. There were no surprises.
Anthony M.
Cindy left no stone unturned and we were able to mediate a settlement that protected both my rights as a father and my inheritance. I highly recommend Cindy as her skills, experience and grit will serve you well.
Francois P.
Cindy was knowledgeable and confident, and took care to go about her business in a way that left me with no stress.
Cynthia Patton is a one of a kind divorce attorney. Because of her efforts, I received a settlement that will allow me to live a good life.
Linda P.
Cynthia walked me through hard decisions that had to be made, giving me encouragement as she held on to me when I was ready to falter. Cynthia celebrated with me at the end as she gave me a future and a hope - things I did not even know were possible.
Cindy actually does what she says she is going to do. She cares about her clients and their families, and wants the best possible outcome with the least possible damage.
Cynthia Patton was recommended to me by another attorney. While I am definitely happy mine and my son's best interests were protected, I am also thankful that Cindy was always quite fair. She is not what I would describe as a vicious attorney; rather, she is fair, honest, and works hard to protect her clients with integrity at all times. We could not have asked for better.
Valarie R.